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Below is a listing of all the public mailing lists on Click on a list name to get more information about the list, or to subscribe, unsubscribe, and change the preferences on your subscription. To visit the general information page for an unadvertised list, open a URL similar to this one, but with a '/' and the list name appended.

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List Description
ACC-training ACC - Training
Accounts Accounts list for invoice archiving
Backup-announce BarNet - Backup server users
Barnet-AMC BarNet - AMC development
Barnet-bds BarNet Design Studios
Barnet-bhf BarNet internal BHF list
Barnet-chambers-sites Chambers website developer list
Barnet-communicator BarNet - Communicator related issues
Barnet-core BarNet - Core Members Discussions
BarNet-cvs BarNet - technical CVS announcements
BarNet-dictation BarNet - Electronic Dictation development
BarNet-ITIC BarNet - ITIC
Barnet-JADE BarNet - Jade development
Barnet-jade-accounts [no description available]
Barnet-jade-design [no description available]
BarNet-plan BarNet - planning list
Barnet-Support [no description available]
Barnet-systems Mailing list for warnings, alerts, status messages, etc. auto-generated from Barnet systems
BarNet-tech BarNet - Technical Discussions
Barnet-Victoria BarNet - Victoria based users
BUGS BUGS - Generic chat
Clerks-l BarNet - Mailing-list for all clerks within the BarNet network
Clerks-NSW BarNet - Clerks NSW mailinglist
Clerks-NSW-ext BarNet - Clerks NSW mailinglist (non-BarNet)
Courtlists-Announce Courtlists - Announcements regarding the courtlists service
CTTEE-l ACC - CSA Executive Committee List
Deskfax-Announce BarNet - Announcements regarding the deskfax system
Dictation-announce BarNet - Electronic Dictation Project - Announcements only
Dictation-discuss BarNet - Electronic Dictation Project - Operator Discussions
Dictation-user BarNet - Electronic Dictation Project - User discussions
EPLA-members EPLA - Members mailinglist
EPLA-newsletter EPLA - Newsletter mailinglist
FCA-ACT Courtlists - Federal Court of Australia - ACT
FCA-NSW Courtlists - Federal Court of Australia - NSW
FCA-NT Courtlists - Federal Court of Australia - NT
FCA-QLD Courtlists - Federal Court of Australia - QLD
FCA-SA Courtlists - Federal Court of Australia - SA
FCA-TAS Courtlists - Federal Court of Australia - TAS
FCA-VIC Courtlists - Federal Court of Australia - VIC
FCA-WA Courtlists - Federal Court of Australia - WA
JADE-administrators JADE - Administrators Discussions
JADE-users JADE - Users Discussions
Library-info ACC - Library Institutes
Mailman [no description available]
NSW-DC-Parramatta-Civil Courtlists - NSW District Court - Parramatta Civil
NSW-DC-Parramatta-Criminal Courtlists - NSW District Court - Parramatta Criminal
NSW-DC-Sydney-Civil Courtlists - NSW District Court - Sydney Civil
NSW-DC-Sydney-Criminal Courtlists - NSW District Court - Sydney Criminal
NSW-LC-Sydney-Civil Courtlists - NSW Local Court - Sydney Civil
NSW-LC-Sydney-Criminal Courtlists - NSW Local Court - Sydney Criminal
NSW-LEC Courtlists - NSW Land and Environment Court
NSW-SC Courtlists - NSW Supreme Court
Parents-l COOSC - Parents
Reader141 2014/1 Bar Readers
Ssfsn Sutherland Shire - Free Software Network
Sydney-PEN PEN - Sydney list
Test-l BarNet - For testing only (only)
The_FiFi_Report FiFi - The FiFi report
Virtuallibrary-announce BarNet - Virtual Library announcements
Webone BarNet - Server Administrators on Webone
WLANSW Women Lawyers Association of New South Wales

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